Ecko Aleck – 2020

Ecko Aleck is from the Nlakapa’mux Nation and raised with the Shishalh Nation. She has a lifetime background of culture, ceremonies, singing and dancing from Interior Salish and Coast Salish territories.

Ecko has worked with her communities through cultural teachings and practices since 2003. Ecko is a freelance multimedia and spoken word artist and performer who also works in video production and editing, sound design and music.

I focus my performances on current issues that affect Indigenous people. My goal as an artist is to help guide the next generation (our future leaders) through expression with different art forms. I aspire to combine my love for my culture and media arts. I believe that we, as artists and youth, are the change that needs to happen. It is important that we have the opportunities to develop our strengths as nations and through our own individual art forms. Art in any creative form is an essential part of my life.