Wild Salmon Caravan

The Wild Salmon Caravan (WSC) will collaborate with the Nlaka’pamux Nation to open 2RMX on Sunday July 7 at 11:30AM with a Wild Salmon ceremony and celebration parade (at Fraser & 6th Street).

WSC will be hosting interactive Salmon Art workshops at the festival on Saturday July 6. All are welcome to create, honour and explore wild salmon traditional knowledge and their creative energy of transformation.

Wild salmon are our most important Indigenous food and cultural and ecological keystone species in the forests, fields and waterways where Indigenous peoples persist in some of the most sustainable hunting, fishing, and gathering strategies of humanity.

The idea for the Wild Salmon Caravan was ‘spawned’ at the Wild Salmon Convergence in 2014, a think tank that brought together Indigenous fisher/folk, researchers, lawyers, and activists to discuss issues, situations and strategies concerning the record low numbers of wild salmon returning to the spawning grounds.

Inspired by the long legacy of political activism upheld by Indigenous peoples throughout colonization, the Wild Salmon Caravan is a community arts-based engagement in wild salmon issues. The intention of the WSC is to nurture the creative energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages, and affirm inter-tribal relationships that are the foundation of Indigenous trade and fisheries knowledge systems. The collaboration and creative energy will serve to educate, inform, and transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm that is endangering wild salmon.