George Leach

George Leach is an artist in relentless pursuit of truth. His dedication to songcraft is evident throughout his career which covers a vast terrain – blues, classic rock, balladry, and R&B, all in the service of a restless musical explorer.

Songs appear out of thin air, seemingly from nowhere but actually from all around us. The greatest of these seem to have always been there, carrying in them something true and universal that connects at a depth beyond language. Songwriters accomplish a strange magic in pulling them from the ether. By doing so, they give voice to their feelings and experiences, and in turn, ours too. Their songs tell our story and provide the soundtrack to our lives. George Leach is one of these magicians.

His music evokes the home territory of the Sta’atl’imx – massive riffs like the ranges of the interior, cascades of blue notes glistening in the air like the falling spring water of a mountain stream, the vocal melodies soaring over top like an eagle in flight, all in George’s unmistakable voice.

The energy level of a George Leach show can be described as ‘high’, to put it mildly. In concert George disappears into the moment, chasing the promise of fleeting transcendence that music offers and taking us all with him. Don’t miss this rare Lytton performance.